• Zeste d’Amande

    Zeste d’Amande
    Discover almonds, spiced up by original associations to reveal its most mysterious facets. Always sweet, almost silky, musk just feels clean and forms a harmonious couple with almonds, bringing out its woody aspects. Violet is like a gentle, powdery breeze; it is boosted by hawthorn, floral, and sensationally sweet. This perfume unveils itself in the hair and is used in some of our hair products.
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  • Vapeur

    This creation transports us to the heart of a real forest. Candid, warm, bold, and extremely addictive. Resinous wood like cedar and balsamic wood like eucalyptus rub shoulders with spicy notes. Cinnamon adopts vanilla accords by playing with these woods and a hint of rosewater, while nutmeg develops warm, peppery facets. This highly-fragranced perfume is deliciously original and enveloping. We enjoy using it in our 100% oil body products.
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